"Is single origin or blends much better?"

This is one of the most frequently asked questions for brand-new coffee lovers.For those who have yet to review our previous article on specialized coffee below's a quick summary for you! Solitary beginning coffee as well as coffee blends are 2 major groups that drop under specialty coffee, which is likewise currently the biggest player in the coffee market! These days, there's far more versatility in selecting the variation in roast levels, coffee blends, acidity as well as even the tastes. If you are simply starting your coffee trip, it could feel overwhelming.

Don't worry. At Perk, our creators have spent years recognizing and valuing coffee, and have actually curated outstanding coffees for you. Keep reading to discover which coffee type better fits your preference. 

As its name recommends, single origin beans are collected from a single location, usually a certain nation or region. One instance will certainly be our "Costa Rica, Haven", which essentially means that the beans were gathered as well as refined in Costa Rica by the Naranjo area. Coming from just one resource, single beginning coffee tend to only be offered at specific durations of a year, depending upon the gathering period. Such coffees are unique as well as one-of-a-kind, and also their characteristics are secured to their geographical conditions.

Single origin coffee additionally supplies the chance for people to experience an exclusive preference at the purest it can be. Their scent, level of acidity as well as flavors are frequently extra noticeable than normal blended or sweetened blends.

Idea: For those that are looking for an one-of-a-kind experience, solitary origin coffee is a choice for you as no two batches will certainly taste the exact same.

Written by Rowan Mertens
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Single Origin Coffee

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